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Just Defense offers no-nonsense courses for beginner and advanced students on using a firearm effectively and legally in self-defense.


"Anthony quickly identifies areas for improvement and provides real time feedback. I saw immediate results based on his instruction. He challenged me as my skills improved by gradually increasing drill difficulty, and I was surprised how much better I was shooting at the end of the session compared to my accuracy just an hour before." Jen L.


Attorney Anthony Tambourino, owner and instructor at Just Defense, is not only an attorney who has represented clients in self defense cases, but he is also is a certified handgun instructor. To see Anthony's certifications click below.

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Just Defense is about ensuring you have a “just defense.”  The legal principles of using force are brought together with the practical realities of defending yourself with a firearm.

Classroom training focuses on what you need to know about self-defense, both practically and legally so that you can model your firearms and other self-defense training at the range (or dojo) to reflect those realities.

Range training develops firearms safety and skills as you would use the firearm on the street in a lethal force encounter where you must defend yourself.


What our students are saying?

Should be a requirement ...

"You and Ray did an excellent job. Thank you for making the time to create and present the information, furnishing the legal citations, taking questions throughout the class, providing your contact information for follow up and being 2 cool guys. I’m looking forward to your next training. Your course should be a requirement for anyone that is planning on purchasing or has purchased a firearm that could ever be used for self-defense."

- Peter F.

Well organized class ...

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great course you presented yesterday at WSSA on “Use of Force in Pennsylvania”. It was well organized and encouraged good interaction. Our many questions were handled very well with clear answers. I would like to recommend this course to some friends who carry concealed."

- Terry S.

Anthony is a seasoned professional ...

"Anthony is an excellent instructor who takes the time to develop a student's comfort with a firearm, while also teaching essential firearm safety and skills. He is a seasoned professional who provides great advice in the moment--this helped me increase my accuracy, comfort, and skills in even just one shooting session."

- Jen L.

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  • First Useful SYG Decision in PA

    This case had so many other things going on with it that I missed the Stand Your Ground aspect of it when it was issued on December 8, 2017.  The decision brings up an important aspect of SYG in Pennsylvania.  One cannot be “engaged in a criminal activity,” and may also not be “in illegal possession of a firearm” when...

  • Mens Rea and Carrying a Concealed Firearm without a License

    The first thing to note about the recent Pennsylvania Superior Court case, Commonwealth v. Scott (PDF), is make sure you have a License to Carry Firearms, and further make sure it is still valid. While Scott would have been arrested for the domestic dispute, he would not have been facing serious charges for carrying concealed without a license had he simply...

  • Fantastic Class at West Shore Sportsmen’s Association!

    Just Defense held a Just Defense & the Law class at West Shore Sportsmen’s Association in Lewisberry, PA on December 9, 2017. Eighteen students learned about the principles of self-defense law in Pennsylvania, the physiological and psychological aspects of lethal encounters, and how to spot signs of an imminent attack. Just Defense will be on a hiatus over the winter,...

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