Consulting, Expert Testimony, and Speaking Engagements

Consulting, Expert Testimony, and Speaking Engagements

Offering consulting services and expert testimony

Cases in which a defendant claims self-defense add a layer of complexity most criminal defense attorneys have not encountered.  I offer consulting services and expert testimony on firearms and use of force in order to assist attorneys in presenting a self-defense claim effectively.  A review of available evidence, an interview with the client, and a walk through of the scene (if possible) will take place in order to prepare for presenting a self-defense claim to a jury as well as preparing for possible avenues of attack by the prosecution.  After a review of the evidence and consulting with trial counsel, an expert report can be drafted in preparation for expert testimony at trial.

Speaking Engagements

I also offer speaking engagements to civics organizations, churches, and other interested groups on a variety of topics.  Such topics can include:

  • Realities of violent attacks and legal aspects of self-defense.
  • Gun laws, concealed carry licenses, and general firearm safety.
  • 4th Amendment (search and seizure) law and police interactions for law-abiding citizens.
  • The Second Amendment and historical aspects of the right to self-defense.
  • How a criminal case goes through the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania.

Such lectures are generally 1 to 2 hours on any given topic with time for questions and discussion.  Contact me to discuss details.

If you have any questions give us a call at: (717) 683-0090