Concealed Fundamentals

Concealed Fundamentals

Learning the fundamentals of operating a firearm in self-defense under stress

A “do” class, not a “lecture” class, it covers basic “shooting” skills for learning fundamentals of operating a firearm under stress in defense of yourself and others. About an hour of time is spent in the classroom for a safety briefing and explanation of the fundamentals of concealed carry and defensive marksmanship. The rest of the time is spent on the range working on the fundamentals of getting a firearm into, effectively using, and keeping it going in the fight. Topics include proper shooting stance, drawing the firearm from a holster, sight alignment/sight picture, trigger control, one handed shooting, non-dominant hand shooting, malfunction clearance, and reloading. In order to successfully complete the class, you will shoot two qualifications, one being the FBI Special Agent qualification and the other a Just Defense developed qualification which tests additional fundamental skills. Passing scores of 80% required on both qualifications.

While there is no prerequisites for this class, basic knowledge of the operation of your firearm is required. As the title states, this is a concealed carry class, so you will be operating from concealment. (Uniformed LEO may open carry if using his or her duty equipment.). You need suitable equipment for concealed carry and a cover garment (preferably your daily carry equipment). Strong side leather or Kydex IWB/OWB holster and at least one dual magazine carrier. Appendix holsters are allowed. No competition holsters. No Serpa holsters. Rounds count is a minimum of 800, but will not exceed 1,000.

This is an 8 hour class and starts at 8 AM. There will be mandatory regular, short hydration breaks regardless of temperature and humidity. A break for lunch is mandatory in order for students to recharge. The class conceivably runs 10 hours total.

If you have any questions give us a call at: (717) 683-0090